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    Deck Builder

    We specialize in building decks, porches, patios, and pergolas for Bentonville AR and surrounding areas.Our builder team provides honest work at a high value. We create, install, and replace all types of residential decks, pergolas, porches, and outdoor living spaces. We also have worked with local businesses to build commercial decks and pergolas as well.We focus on always increasing our level of mastery in working with our materials and designs. We would like to be your choice for Deck and Pergola Builder, and we are consistently striving to delivery well created designs, outstanding work, and unmatched service.

    We work to go above and beyond on every project and to constantly outperform our past completed jobs. For a new deck, replacement deck, pergolas, and patios contact your local Bentonville Deck Builder today. Our company is committed to treating your property and your home with extraordinary care. Get that care for your home, and ensure that you bring in contractors.

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    Local Deck Contractors

    Your local Deck and Pergola Builders team here has a complete crew of high-performance builders, and that means that we're prepared for every job. From implementing new decks to reinventing old decks with a complete renovation, you can rely on our team for a complete job.

    A deck builder will work closely with you to explore the best materials for your home. We highly recommend working with composite decking materials, including Trex, PVC, HDPE, and AZEK. These are some of the top materials in the trade for their durability and visual appeal.

    Composite decks require an experienced deck builder. This material, unlike wood, is not so forgiving, and for it to look entirely uniform, then it must work on both the small and big picture. Each detail must line up for the composite decking to look like real wood, and on the larger scale, it must provide a cohesive delivery of quality.

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    Pergola Builder

    Building a pergola is simple, but requires a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. We’ll work with you closely to pick the right site in your yard that will get the optimal amount of sun and shade. During a pergola installation, some homeowners will choose the space to set it next to a garden or natural greenery in the yard.

    After you have the site planned out, we’ll get to preparing the land. Leveling the land and setting the post holes are two vital steps in managing the pergola construction. We always start with leveling the ground and then digging the post holes. These are two critical steps in building a pergola that's meant to last. With starting outright, we ensure that these structures can withstand storms and heavy use over the years, with minimal maintenance.

    When we set the posts, we're careful to ensure that these posts are plumb and that we brace it properly for a long life. Then we build in the beams and rafters for the covering or overhang.

    A pergola could be an extremely affordable addition to your property and drastically improve your yard. The cost to install a pergola will vary greatly based on the size and materials used, and as we are the top vendor in the area for Struxure Pergolas, we have the capability to build for our clients some of the most sophisticated pergolas available on the market today. Ask us about our pergola options!

    Outdoor Living Space

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    Working with an outdoor living space contractor can help you explore what options work best with your needs and your property. You don’t have to necessarily stick to a patio or a deck. Talk to an outdoor living space contractor and find out what options are available with your yard, and what you would like to get out of the space.

    Do you want a nice place to host parties on the weekend with a bit of shade? Maybe you need a pergola next to an outdoor kitchen. Perhaps you would prefer to have an open space next to a pool or carport? Then it might be a deck you need. An outdoor living space is a complete environment. It's the structure, the furniture, and even outdoor appliances.

    What kind of outdoor living space would you like to create? Something serene and Zen? How about something fun and fit for a party? We’ve seen it all and work closely with Ultimate Outdoor Living to ensure that your ideal outdoor living space is brought to reality.

    Local Deck Contractors Serving Northwest AR

    As a local deck contractor’s service provider, we help people create useful and visually pleasing decks. The visual elements always come down to the craftsmanship and the materials.

    So what should you look for in a deck contractor? Besides fair or competitive pricing, you should look for someone that has a competent team, is fully licensed and insured, and is transparent. That's right. A transparent deck contractor means that they'll explain the reasoning behind their quote and help you understand the differences between various designs or materials. You need a deck contractor who is interested in helping you make the best decisions to create a deck that serves you best.

    We want you to know what materials are available and best for your needs. If you want to avoid pests, we'll encourage you to consider composite materials. Just the same, if you need stairs or railings, we'll explain what options we have to fit your chosen materials and more.

    We’re the local deck contractors that want you to enjoy your property. Our Deck and Pergola Builders help homeowners throughout Northwest Arkansas create alluring properties that people want to enjoy, meanwhile increasing property values.

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    Deck Replacements, Expansions and Upgrades

    Building a deck might not be something you need, but instead, you might need to renovate or replace a deck. If this is the case, then we'll pull together the best design options you have with the foundation that is already in place. We can, of course, always expand, but often homeowners are happy to use the existing foundation as a starting point as long as the foundation is in good condition.

    Then we work on upgrading the materials or outright replacing the original materials. Our team also works to upgrade decks through material repair, refinishing, and replacement. Decks from decades ago have probably warped, rotted, or taken on bug infestation. These are typical problems that come along with traditional wood decks. Rely on our team to help you upgrade your decks, replace dilapidated desks, or expand on your current deck.

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    Patio Builder

    Patio installation starts with a concrete foundation, but can drastically change in regard to materials and design. Many people think of the small slabs of poured cement slapped down in front of the house. At the same time, we are always happy to provide quaint concrete-poured front porches. However, we take a substantial amount of pride in building patios that entice the residents of the home to get outside.

    The cost to build a patio dramatically ranges. You can have an in-depth discussion with one of our staff members at Deck and Pergola Builders to explore the materials and design elements that boost your home and deliver on your outdoor living needs. Do you need something to give a clear line from your current patio to a she-shed? Maybe you need an upgrade on your current deck and want to opt for composite materials so you won’t get stuck with regular maintenance and even pest-infestation.

    Patio building should always focus exclusively on your needs and how you intend to use your patio. These patios can be covered, have decorative or stamped concrete, and even with stone or brick. You can rely on us to create a striking addition to your property.

    What People Say

    I would definitely use them again if needed! The experience was great overall and my new composite deck with pretty railings is exactly what we were hoping for.

    Petra W.

    All of my expectations were exceeded, including completing construction within tight time constraints, and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the structure.

    Mark L.

    These guys are great! they built us a pergola in no time and did a good job. Their work is as good as it comes, they are professional, pleasant to be around and work with.

    Bethy J.

    Shade Structures

    How can you finish off your yard? Is it missing something that you just can’t put your finger on? It might be missing a lovely shaded area where you can relax, rest, and generally lounge. The solution is a shaded structure or a pergola. Pergolas and shaded areas of a yard can cause you to spend more time outside, appreciate your yard, and even invite people over to enjoy your space with others.

    We're local gazebo, shaded areas, and pergolas. As a gazebo builder, we offer designs and materials meant to create remarkable environments right in your back yard. Not only can you enjoy time in your space, but you can create picturesque views and areas worthy of gracing the pages of magazines.

    To reach out to a gazebo builder or to ask questions about a shade structure installation, talk to our friendly staff. We’re the friendly faces that you’ve seen around Bentonville Arkansas, and probably working in the many Northwest Arkansas towns. Our skilled contractors take boring yards and turn them into exciting areas for the entire family.

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    Covered Patios

    We love sunshine as much anyone else, but in moderate doses. Pergolas and covered patios offer the best of both worlds—a controlled version of the sun's mighty rays. We not only build covered patios, but assist in the design process, expand them, and renovate them. Full replacement is something that homeowners consider from time to time.

    If you’re interested in a patio, or covered patio, then speak with a top-tier patio builder at Ultimate Outdoor Living. We take great joy in working with different patio materials from the foundation to the covering. From wood to cement and everything in between, you can rest assured that you'll have a steady foundation. Then, for a covering, you can opt for the traditional overhang, slatted covering, and many more other material options.

    The benefits of a covered patio are almost limitless. You will have access to a more serene and peaceful outdoor area.

    Outdoor Kitchens

    outdoor kitchen cost Bentonville

    Can the outdoors and the culinary arts come together? Absolutely, outdoor kitchens are becoming quite the rage, and over the last few years, we've installed a hefty amount of kitchens in backyards. People want to bar-b-que and enjoy their time in the backyard without worrying about providing food or spending all their time indoors. Instead, an outdoor kitchen is a perfect solution.

    Outdoor kitchens often include sinks, grills, and specialized appliances that are meant to withstand high outdoor temperatures and even high-humidity. These appliances and cooking spaces are astonishing and can change how you host parties and get-togethers. Become the house that brings your family together or the place where all your friends want to hang out.

    Why Choose Our Local Deck and Pergola Builder Services

    Work with Deck and Pergola Builders to design your pergola for your yard. Don’t take the chance of working with a contractor that isn't passionate and dedicated to your project. At Deck and Pergola Builder, we love deck building, pergola building, and the entire process from design to completion.

    We’ve faithfully served the Bentonville community for years and are well-known throughout Northwest Arkansas. Contact us with our stress-free contact form, or call our office directly. Reach us at 479-262-9667.

    Our Service Areas

    We provide our deck, pergola and patio services in Bentonville, Rogers, Little Flock, Prairie Creek, Lowell AR, Accident, Bethel Heights, Cave Springs, Osage Mills, Centerton, Hiwasse and more cities across the northwest region. Please reach out today to inquire if we will service your area.